A humbling experience 

Today at the bank a lady approached me and asked some questions to confirm who I was. She then told me she thought it was me and she followed my blog. I was in utter shock as I never knew my ramblings would result in being recognised in public. The lady walked away quickly as I think she was busy. But I was in such a surprise I was lost for words. Hopefully I didn’t seem rude. So if you are that lady, I’d like to say thank you for reading my blog. If we bump into each other again, I hope we will have more time to chat 🙂

1 thought on “A humbling experience 

  1. Hi Alice! It was me, Viji, encroaching on your morning with your lovely child. Sorry if I seemed rude but it suddenly dawned on me that you might find my behaviour intrusive, so I made my exit.
    Mum and baby looked very cool and lovely that morning. I have been to one of your presentations years ago and have followed your blogs since. I have always thought that it would be good to get you into our school to present the 21st century journey to us oldies.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration and a role model teacher. Enjoy your baby and cherish each day.

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