9 thoughts on “I’m a 21C learner & teacher

  1. Alice, this is brilliant. It’s like you have created it for me! You have captured so much that is true, honest and gets right to the point. This should be compulsory viewing in all PD meetings it will create excellent discussion in my staffroom next week.

  2. Nothing fancy, yet so meaningful Alice. Straight from the heart. I could sense your passion. So much of what you presented resonates with me. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing. (@deepeetonee)

  3. This sums up how I’ve felt about conferences for the past three years. Thankfully the Twitter backchannel has always made conferences valuable for me but I’m sick of being lectured to about how teachers shouldn’t lecture. This is a great video Alice! Well done.

    As I watched it, I thought about how you could also replace the word ‘teacher(s)’ with ‘student(s)’ and it would also be a powerful message.

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