Giving students a say in their homework

This is probably not new but this term I’m trialling a different way of doing homework with Year 9s.

I try to make homework so it doesn’t become a workload burden for myself and my students. A lot of my students have extra-curricular activities like sport and I have had quite a few parent phone calls raising the concern between balancing their family lives and homework. I’ve also had the issue of different access to resources from home. A lot of my students love doing homework activities online, but not all of my students have internet access. To create a set of online homework activities and then another set of offline activities, for all four of my classes became too labour-intensive that there was very low return-of-investment.

So this term I’m doing something different with Year 9s. They will be given a choice in what kinds of homework they want to. The topic is on the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system.

I’ve made sure there are activities that are quite basic (like completing a table) to activities that are higher-order that require the creation of products like video. I’ve also made sure that students can choose HOW they complete their homework. They can do things electronically or on paper.

Not sure how this will go, but is worth trying. I’d love your thoughts on this, whether you’re a student, parent, teacher or anyone else.

Watch this space for updates ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Giving students a say in their homework

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  2. A lovely idea. Plus, by giving a topics homework all at once, there is work available for students if absent from your lesson

    Love the option of electronic vs paper.

    Only question is how long did this take to prep, vs prepping your homework on a weekly basis?

    Keep us updated ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for your comment, Rhys. This actually didn’t take me long to prepare at all. Maybe about half an hour. When I assigned weekly homework it used to take me longer and at times it required me to scramble for resources or create worksheets over the weekend. I guess workload wise would be marking and giving feedback to the homework this time around.

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  4. I really like this idea for giving them a say in what the students do for homework. It is another way of differentiating the learning. I also like how you have given the option of turning each piece in on paper or online. I’m curious how long you give for them to complete the 4 chosen assignments. I saw a due date on your example, but not the “start” date. Is this the entire unit or a couple weeks or a full term?

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